My teachers

In simultaneous interpretation more than in any other field of linguistic activity you have to find a right teacher at a certain point of your carrier. Usually it is an experienced interpreter who by human kindness and sympathy agrees to take you along in the booth ready to sacrifice some the overall quality of the output on the altar of friendship and compassion.
I was lucky to have in the early years of my carrier two of such gurus from whom I learned a lot and to whom I am most grateful:
Giuliano Gherardi,

Extraordinary interpreter with Italian and Russian languages, one of the most balanced cases that I ever met, perfect bilingual, one of the interpreters on the XX Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Professor of the Forli School of Languages, now retired.
Anya Worontzoff,
Interpreter of encyclopedic knowledge with incredible balance of French, Russian, Italian and English, extraordinary capacity to follow even the most erratic speaker providing smooth output.