It is pretty usual that the Client starts to ask about the prices before even explaining the work that is to be done. There is a die-hard presupposition that if whatever the translations should be by all means cheap. Well, even those with a special eye for particular money value understand that the price depends on the amount of time and on qualification of a person involved in the process or rather a complex combination of choices and checks that determine the quality of the translation job. It would be very attractive to advertise low prices, but it is much more correct to say that the price can vary and will be chosen according to the importance of the translation required. I am first to say that on-the-fly internal documentation may be translated in a economic 'good enough' kind of way, while the preparation of an important declaration or your much suffered catalogue deserves a closer view by an experienced translator.
So there can be no abstract talk of price per page or price per word, I invite you to send your samples for evaluation. My word - no request of an estimate will be turned down.