VIP interpretation

VIP and individual interpretation
Individual needs for interpretation can be very different and usually it is crucial to find a tailor-made solution for each case: thus a high-level interpreter may be wasted on a city tour of shopping tourists and a post-graduate student interpreter may ruin a business negotiation of a unpretending businessman who thinks that "transposition of words" may be sufficient to create a serious and lasting business relation. So our motto is the right interpreter for each particular occasion. Certainly ideal combination is not always possible, but trying to avoid the blunders and to help the Client to understand his real needs is our main goal.

Tourist guides
To determine the needs of a group or of a single tourist is not always an easy task. The choice of guides, calculation of distances, consideration of the cultural background of the listeners are all important options worthy of thorough evaluation. These are some of the factors that are taken into consideration for the choice of tourist guides and interpreter guides.
I can organize guides for all Italian cities including Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Turin, Ravenna, Bologna etc.