Promotional translation

Advertising clips and promotional short film dubbing.
The translation and consequent dubbing of promotional short films is a part of the same assembly line. It is frequent that companies ask their usual technical translator to translate their precious piece of multimedia evidence in order to transfer such ready text to the dubbing agency. Nothing can be more erroneous. Some words put in line are simply unpronounceable apart from being unharmonious. The right procedure is to ask for the translation of the dubbing interpreter who knows the difference between the written and spoken word. Thus the translation and it s transposition into sound will gain in quality and impact from the beginning. Apart from saving time and money on unnecessary intermediate text surrogates.
Translation of prospectuses and catalogues.
One of the first step taken by most firms as a first approach to the market is translation of promotional and commercial catalogues. Being an extraordinary useful and delicate tool, one is not entitled to make mistakes. One wrong word, several factual mistakes and instead of promotional value it backfires as a slow-action poison jeopardizing you chances on what seamed a very promising market. What can I offer? A very accurately tailored translation controlled not only mechanically but within the logic of the target language in a ready mock-up form ... and in all intermediate but equally qualitatively valid forms if for some reason the rest is already settled.
Translation of Internet sites and software localisation.
The localization of sites both on-line and off-line. localizing a complex site is a considerable task that should be carried out by experienced translators who understand your business as well as culture and environment of the country you are targeting.