Simultaneos end consecutive interpretation

At a certain point it was believed that the conference interpretation was a dying profession and soon live interpreters would be substituted by very efficient translating machines that will receive one language as in input, and provide translation in all possible languages as an output. It was found out that is was easier to substitute the members of the conference with speaking or with listening machines. One of the crucial points for the organizers of the international conference is the right choice of interpretation/translation format and accurate selection of interpretation teams. Having taken part as rank and file and chef d'equipe interpreter and on the basis of long-dating contacts with equipment providing companies, my assistance could be useful in such delicate matters as organizing important conference happenings.
Organization of interpretation services with Russian and other languages of the former Soviet Union in the following options.
Turn-key linguistic coverage of the conference, comprising (a) analysis of linguistic needs of the venue, (b) choosing the most effective and cost-efficient means of providing linguistic services needed, (c) organization of teams of interpreters.
Participation as personal interpreter within teams provided for by other organizer.

Seminars and workshops.
Seminars and workshops are the formats where the success and failures are even more directly palpable than in big scale conferences, so the choice of right format for interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage etc) is an essential part of their organization. Another important peculiarity of these initiatives is their repeatability, thus every time your are on trial, gaining or loosing points for further jobs. Useless to say that interpreters may make your initiative look more attractive or ruin it altogether.
We provide consultancy and direct assistance in the organization of such regular events.