American Management Acronyms

Glossary of American Management Acronyms with Italian partial explanation

AAGR Average Annual Growth Rate
ACC Advanced Combined Cycle (Steam Turbine)
ACCOUNT MGR Responsabile per le transazioni con uno o piu clienti oppure per una regione geografica di clienti
AD Aero Derivate Gas Turbine
AE Application Engineer - sceglie la soluzione tecnica piu adeguata per realizzare un servizio
AO Advanced Order - Placing an order on manufacturing to build a standard parts for stock
AOM As Ordered Margin - metodo di misura dei venditori
AR Advance Release - Used to order material prior to customer order
ARM Area Service Manager
ARP Advance Release Program - Placing of a COSDOM order for a turbine specific part prior to receive customer order, in order to meet a short cycle, high order probability requirement
AS Application System - used for running special reports
ASD Apparatus Service Dept.
AVG Average
AWO Action WorkOut
BA Business Associate
BAI's Business Associate Instructions
BB Black Belt
BF Benefici Finanziari
BIC Business Information Center (see GEBIC)
BMC Business Management Course
BOD Board of Directors
BOL Bill of Lading
BOM Bill of Material
BOO Build, Own & Operate (Costruire, Possedere e Gestire)
BOP Balance Of Plant (material! e servizi a completamento del macchinario principale
es. civil works, installation, auxiliary systems)
BOT Build, Operate & Transfer (Costruire, Gestire e Trasferire)
BT Bullet Train (riduzione costi)
CA Contract Administrator
CAAA Clean Air Act Amendment
CAP Change Acceleration Process
CARSYS Corrective Action Report System
CARVIS Corrective Action Report and Management Visibility Report
CBD Corporate Benefits Delivery
CBT Computer Based Training
CCA Computer Cycle Application
CC Combined Cycle (Ciclo Combinato)
CEC Corporate Executive Council
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CEP Corporate Environmental Programs
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFT Customer Focus Team
CI Combustion Inspection
CI Continuous Improvement
CI Customer Inspection
CIT Corporate Information Technology
CM Contribution Margin (Margine di contribuzione)
CM&U/CMU Conversions, Modifications & Uprates
COD Commercial Operation Date
COE Center of Excellence
CONV. ORDER Convertable Order - ordine convertito in vendita entro l'anno
COPICS Computer Oriented Production & Inventory Control System
COSDOM Order Entry System/Customer Order Service Data Order Management
CPM Commercial Program Manager - A PGSD individual responsible for sales of field engineering
CQA Customer Quality Assurance
CR&D Corporate Research & Development Laboratory
CS Customer Service
CSE Customer Service Engineer
CSM Customer Service Manager
CTP Computer Based Training
CTQ Critical to Quality
CTR Cycle Time Reduction
CUP Comparable Uncontrolled Price
CW Customer Witness
DCP Design Change Proposal
DCS Distributed Control System
DFM Design for Manufacturability
DFT Demand Flow Technology
DFSS Design for Sei Sigma
DLE Dry Low Emission
DLN DryLowNox
DMC Distributed Micro Controllers
DMT Design Maturity Test
DP Data Processing
D/S Damaged in Shipping
DSD Drive System Dept.
DSO Decision Support Operation
DTC Design to cost
DWGS Drawings
E-MAIL Electronic Mail
EAA Export Administration Act
EB Executive Band
EBIT Earning Before Interests and Income Taxes
EC European Community (attualmente EU - Europa Unita)
ECA Export Credit Agency (in Italia SACE)
ECN Engineering Change Notice
EDC Executive Development Class
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EE Employee
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EHS Environmental, Health & Safety
El’s Engineering Instructions
EIR Engineering Information Request
EMS Employee Management System
EPC Engineering, Procurement & Construction
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
EPS Engineering, Procurement, Supervision
EPS Earning per Share
EU Europa Unita
FA High firing temperature technology (Gas Turbine)
FCL Field Communication Letter
FDO Future Delivery Order
FOR Final Design Review
FE Field Engineer
FEP Field Engineering Program
FGI/FGS Finished Goods Inventory/Stock
FLOW PARTS PdR con tempo di consegna breve
FMI Field Modification Instruction
FMP Financial Management Program
FMR Field Modification Request
FOB Freight (free)on Board
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FP&A Financial Planning & Analysis
FRN Field Report Notice
FSR Field Service Report
FYI For Your Information
GB Green Belt
GE CARES GE Computer Assisted Repair and Engineering System
GE CAS GE Corporate Audit Staff
GE ED&C GE Electrical Distribution and Control
GE FANUC GE Fanuc (automation Controls)
GE PRIME GE agisce come main contractor
GEA GE Appliances
GEAE GE Aircraft Engines
GEBIC GE Business Information Center - A single source for customers to call when seeking information about GE's industrial, technical and commercial products
GEES GE Engine Services
GEIC GE Investment Corporation
GEIS GE Information System
GEL GE Lighting
GELOT GE Leaders of Tomorrow
GEMIS GE Motors and Industrial Systems
GEMS Generator Expert Monitoring Systems - An on-line system
GEMS GE Medical Systems
GEN Generator
GEP GE Plastics
GEPG GE Power Generation
GEPS GE Power System (ex GEIPS)
GESCO GE Supply Company
GETS GE Transport Systems
GETSCO GE Technical Services Company
GHSF Global Health & Safety Framework
GM General Manager
GPAT Global Parts & Applied Technology
GT Gas Turbine
GTD&D Gas Turbine Design & Development
GTE&D Gas Turbine Engineeering & Development
GTM Gas Turbine Manufacturing
GTUA Gas Turbine Users Association
HD Heavy Duty Gas Turbine
HGP Hot Gas Path
HI-POT High Potential Employee
HP High Pressure - Relates to a rotor in a steam turbine
HPT High Pressure Turbine
HQ Headquarters
HR Human Resources
HRD Human Resources Develop.
HRO Human Resources Operation
HRLP Human Resources Leadership Program
HRS Human Resources System
HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator
HSRI Hot Section Repair Intervals, usually applies to LM machines
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
IC Incentive Compensation
ICN Internal Control Number on COSDOM
ICORE Integrated Communication and Reporting
ID Identity
IDM Industrial Design Memorandum
IGCC Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
IGTC Integrally Geared Turbo Compressor - Compressore centrifuge con moltiplicatore integrate (es SRL)
IGV Inlet guide vane
IM Information Management
IMLP Information Management Leadership Program
IOI Item Of Importance/Interest
IP Intermediate Pressure - refers to a section in a steam turbine between the high and low pressure sections
IPGSD International Power Generation Services Department
IPP Independent Power Producers
IPS International Parts Specialist
IPSD International Power Systems Depart.
IPSS Industrial & Power Systems Sales
IQ Intelligent Quotient
I&SE Installation & Service Engineering
IS Information Systems
ISD Industrial Sales Dept.
ISMP Information Systems Management Programm
IT Information Technology
ITO Inquiry To Order - processo di ottenimento ordine (RdO, Offerta, Quotazione....)
ITR Inquiry Through Remittance
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IW In Warranty
JIT Just In Time
JOB Commessa
LAER Lowest Achievable Emission Rates
LCC Life Cycle Cost
LD Liquidated Damages
LOC Letter of Credit
LP Low Pressure (Rotors in a Steam Turbine)
LTMA Long Term Maintenance Agreement
M&A Mergers & Acquisition
MA Manufacturing Associate
MAIC Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
MAO Machinery Apparatus Operation
MBB Master Black Belt
MDA Mechanical Design Analysis - A competitor
MDR Mandatory Design Review
MDT Mechanical Drive Turbines
M&D Monitoring and Diagnostics '
M&PE Material & Processes Engineering
M&PM Marketing & Product Management
MES Manager Engineering Services - A PGSD employee responsible for managing the technical direction and logistics of a customer's outage
MF Manager of Finance
MFG Manufacturing
MFGDT Manufacturing Date
MFGTD Manufacturing Date - Latest date promises by manufacturing or sourcing to get material to shipment
MGPD Multi Generation Product Development
MGPP Multi Generation Product Plan
MGSP Multi Generation Sales Plan
MKTG Marketing
MIL Marketing Information Letter
ML Model List (distinta parziale)
MMP Manufacturing Management Program
MMS Manager Material Services - A PGSD employee responsible for obtaining parts orders
MOBD Must Order By Date
MRI Material Return Information
MRN Maintenance Report Notice
MRP Material Requirement Planning
MS Memo of Shipment
MSD Material Shipped Directly - Component! di una fornitura che non entrano direttamente nel ciclo produttivo
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MSMAIL Miscrosoft Mail (E-Mail)
MTO Made to Order
MTS Made to Stock
NAFTA North America Free Trade Agreement (USA + CANADA +ALASKA + MEXICO)
NAO Not Allocated Overheads
NAO Normal Applied Overheads
NI Net Income
NIH Not Invented Here
NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
NMDC New Manager Develop. Course
NORC Notice of Receivable Credit
NPI New Product Introduction
NT New Technology
NUS New Units Spares
NX National Executive
O&M Operation & Maintenance ;
O&S Organization & Staffing
OA Order Agreement
OE Original Equipment
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers
OJT On the Job Training
OM Margine Operative
OP Operative Plan
OPSI Orders. Production, Sales, Inventory
OPT Optimized Production Technology
ORAP Operational Reliability Analysis Program
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OTR Order To Remittance - Processo dall'ordine alia consegna
OTS Order To Shipment
P&E Plant & Equipment
P&PSD Parts & Product Service Dept.
PDI Product Delivery Instructions
PDS Product Data Sheets
PG Power Generation
PGE Power Generation Engineering
PGFO Power Generation Financial Operation
PGSD Power Generation Services Dept.
PICAR Problem Investigation & Corrective Action Report
PIP Partners in Power
PLM Product Line Manager - A P&PSD employee who establishes strategy for parts products
PLSDT Planned Ship Date
PMS Planned Maintenance System
PO Purchaser Order
P&P Policies & Procedures
PP Pre-Production
PPSD Power Plant Services Department
PRL Product Line - A COSDOM code defining the type of quote or order
PRMDT Promise Date - Original date given to customer
PSI Production - Sales = Inventory
PSO Plant Support Operation
PSPI Parts Strategic Process Integration
PSR Problem Status Report
PSSO Power Systems Sourcing Operation
PST Pacific Standard Time
QA Quality Assurance
QC Quality Control
QCR Quality Control Report
Q&OE Quote & Orders Entry - entrare nel sistema per ordinare una PdR avendola il cliente richiesta in maniera diretta
QFD Quality Function Deployment
QMI Quick Market Intelligence
QMS Quality Management System
QOE Quote & Order Entry
RA Return Authorization
RA Returned Apparatus
RACE Rapid Action to Customer Expectations
RACT Reasonably Available Control Technology
RAD Requested Arrival Date
RAM Random Access Memory
RCT Regional Customer Team (Equivalente dei ns. uffici periferici)
R&D Research & Development
RECO Real Estate & Construction Operation
RFM Request for Material
RFO Reason for Order - A COSDOM code
RFP Request for proposal
RFQ Request for Quote
RFS Request For Stock
RIL Repair Information Letter
RM Raw Material (materiale grezzo)
RM Region Manager
ROI Return On Investment
ROM Read Only Memory
ROW Rest Of the World
RQSDT Request Date
RS Re-Sale
S I Session I - A business planning session held in the second quarter to update costs and sales estimation for current year and first look at the next 3 year
S II Session 2 - A September follow up Session I to finalize plans for the next year
SA Signed Acceptance
SAD Scheduled Arrival Date
SAE Senior Application Engineer - AE che opera in campo
SAL Special Action Letter
SCI Secure Customer Index
SE Service Engineer
SEB Senior Executive Band
S&L Spirit & Letter
S&SO Sales and Services Operation
SFC Shop Floor Control - Controllo avanzamento lavorazioni
SKO Stock Keeper Order
SN Service Notice
SNDRS Service Notice Disposition Report
SOA State of the Art
SOI Special Order Inquiry
SOS Spares Order Service - The acronym used for P&PSD's IVR order status system
SRG Sourcing
SR.’s Sale Representatives
SS Service Shop
ST Steam Turbine
STM Steam Turbine Manufacturing
TA Technical Advisor
TAC Technical Assistance Center
TALSS Training and Logistic Support System
TEA To Be Advised
TBC Thermal Barrier Coating
TBD To Be Determined
T&C Terms and Conditions
T&C Training & Development
T&DC Training & Development Center
T&L Travel & Living
TIL Technical Information Letter
TIM Technical Information Memorandum
TLP Technical Leadership Program
TPL Technical Program Leadership
TQI Total Quality Initiatives
TQM Total Quality Management
TSP Technical Sales Program
TRA Tax Reform Act
TSO Time Sharing Option - Mainframe text editor
TSSO Trade Services & Sales Operation
UPS Utility Parts Sales
UR Union Relations
USD Utility Sales Department
VCN Vendor Complaint Notice
VIGV Variable Inlet Guide Vane
VP Vice President
VPS Vacuum Plasma Spray
VSV Variable Stator Vane
WC Working Capital
WIP Work in Process or "in Progress"
WO Work Out - Lavoro di squadra finalizzato alia revisione di processi produttivi mterni
YE Year End
YTD Year To Date
XFER Transfer